First Blog Post

Welcome to my first post!

This website will be a place for me to display a collection of items such as work that i have written, literature that is close to me, and photography that inspires me or that i take. This website is a place for you (the viewers) to vision what i see.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by a Japanese photographer named Rinko Kawauchi. It is noteworthy that her artwork is ingrained in Shinto, a central Japanese Religion. One of the very interesting things that Kawauchi believed was all physical items on this planet have a spirit, which is why no subject was out of her shooting realm. Kawauchi’s photographs a special aesthetic; her images contained radiant light, which encompassed dream-like quality. Her photographs contained much soft color to enhance the beauty in dull moments. Moreover, her works were not limited to one theme; she was very spontaneous in reacting to the world around her. Source:

Below are two images of hers that truly inspire me:

This image captures the essence of light it radiates when untouched and left isolated. The various colors, the blue backdrop is simple yet striking.

This picture may have many meanings. When I see this image I feel alone. However, I appreciate the darkness it presents. The dark blueish gray sky makes me feel so calm. While there is a fire to the right, it highlights the depth of the darkness. The serene beauty & undisturbed skies make me tranquil.

Through inspiration my attempt to mimic Kawauchi’s photography are two shots displayed below:


Amateur shots at best, but improvements are soon to be made, until then stay tuned & thank you for viewing!


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